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Mastering the Art of Communication: Unveiling My Academic Journey in Translation, Interpreting, and NLP

Since it’s my birthday, I thought I’d share a bit about my story and my studies. Embarking on a journey through languages, cultures, and cutting-edge technology, my academic path has been a kaleidoscope of experiences. As a Freelance Translator and NLP Engineer, I’ve woven together diverse degrees to create a unique tapestry of skills. Join me as we explore the academic milestones that have shaped my expertise in translation, interpretation, and natural language processing.

1. BA in Translation (English, French, Portuguese, Italian) — University of Trieste

My foundation in the art of translation was laid at the University of Trieste. The Bachelor’s program equipped me with linguistic mastery across English, French, Portuguese, and Italian. This comprehensive degree not only honed my language skills but also cultivated a deep understanding of cultural nuances, a cornerstone in delivering impactful translations.

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2. MA in Conference Interpreting (French and Italian) — University of Pescara

The pursuit of excellence in interpreting led me to the University of Pescara for a Master’s in Conference Interpreting. Specializing in French and Italian, this program was a gateway to the world of spoken language interpretation. The immersive curriculum and real-world simulations prepared me to bridge language gaps in diverse professional settings.

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3. M.Sc. in Multilingual Computing and Localization — University of Limerick, Ireland

Computer science has always been a passion of mine. Venturing into the realm of technology, my Master of Science degree from the University of Limerick focused on Multilingual Computing and Localization. This program propelled me into the intersection of language and technology, laying the groundwork for a career as an NLP engineer. The ability to navigate the complexities of multilingual computing became my forte. I was lucky enough to have amazing professors and peers; they helped me jumpstart my career in the realm of translation technologies and NLP.

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4. MA in European Studies (EU Financial and Market Law) — University of RomaTre

Delving into the legal intricacies of the European Union, my Master’s in European Studies with a focus on EU Financial and Market Law from the University of RomaTre was a strategic move. This degree equipped me with the legal acumen to handle translations in the complex landscape of EU financial and market law. With the latest development in AI and the institutions’ attempts at its regulation, having a good understanding of EU law and competencies proved really helpful for my career as a NLP engineer as well.

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5. MA in Marketing for Made in Italy (Sponsored by the US Embassy in Italy)

My academic journey took a marketing turn with a Master’s in Marketing for Made in Italy, sponsored by the US Embassy in Italy. This unique program provided insights into promoting Italian products globally. Now, not only can I translate your marketing content, but I can also craft strategies that resonate with international audiences.

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6. PhD in NLP — University of Sunderland, UK

The pinnacle of my academic journey was the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing from the University of Sunderland, UK. This doctorate delved into the core of language technology, enhancing my skills as an NLP engineer. The research undertaken, and the knowledge gained positioned me at the forefront of language processing advancements, and greatly helped me in my current position as a Machine Learning Engineer.

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Conclusion: Transforming Academia into Expertise

My academic journey has not just been about acquiring degrees but transforming knowledge into expertise. The amalgamation of translation, interpreting, legal studies, marketing, and NLP has forged a professional who can seamlessly navigate the diverse landscapes of language and technology. Ready to elevate your content and communication strategy? Let’s embark on this linguistic journey together.

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