Unlocking Worlds: A Journey Through Experiences Abroad as a Freelance Translator

As a freelance translator, my journey has been woven with cultural threads and linguistic nuances, creating a tapestry of experiences that have shaped my skills and perspective. Join me as I traverse through five remarkable chapters of my life abroad, each contributing to my growth as a translator and NLP engineer.

1. A Lone Star Journey: One Year at St. John's Prep School in Houston, Texas

My adventure began as an exchange student at St. John’s Prep School in Houston, Texas. The Lone Star State unfolded before me, offering a blend of southern hospitality and vibrant cultures. Immersed in a sea of Texan drawls and diverse accents, my linguistic acumen flourished. Every exchange became an exploration of regional idioms, enriching my language arsenal.

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2. Lisbon’s Melodic Whispers: Erasmus at Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Six months in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, during my Erasmus adventure at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, marked a chapter of language and cultural fusion. The Portuguese language, with its poetic cadence, became my daily symphony. Translating in a city where Fado music echoes through ancient streets, I honed my skills to capture the lyrical essence in every translation.

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3. Eurologos Brussels: Bridging Languages in the Heart of Europe

Internship as a Translator and Project Manager at Eurologos in Brussels, Belgium, unveiled the intricacies of multilingual project management. Navigating through a maze of languages, my role was to ensure that each translation project transcended linguistic barriers. This experience refined my project management skills, making me a versatile translator capable of handling complex multilingual projects.

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4. NLP Engineering at the Translation Centre for the Organs of the European Union

An internship as an NLP Engineer at the Translation Centre for the Organs of the European Union in Brussels elevated my technical proficiency. Working at the intersection of language and technology, I delved into Natural Language Processing (NLP). This experience equipped me with the tools to enhance translation efficiency through cutting-edge language technologies.

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5. Parisian Chronicles: Five Years as a Freelance Translator and NLP Engineer

Set against the backdrop of Paris, France, my journey as a freelance translator and NLP engineer reached new heights. Collaborating with global clients, I navigated diverse industries, from fashion to finance. The city of lights became my inspiration, reflecting in translations that seamlessly blended linguistic precision with Parisian flair.

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Conclusion: Translating the World, One Experience at a Time

Every experience abroad has been a brushstroke on my canvas as a freelance translator and NLP engineer. The diversity of languages, cultures, and technologies has not only shaped my professional identity but also enriched the quality of my translations. As I continue this odyssey, each chapter becomes a testament to the power of language in connecting people across borders and cultures. Join me on this linguistic journey, where words transcend boundaries, and every translation tells a unique story.

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